Frequently Asked Questions in Auto Accident Cases

What Are Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions People Have In An Auto Accident Case?

They think the insurance company is going to be helpful when actually, the insurance company’s goal is to pay them as little money or as little amount as possible. They need to understand that this is an adversarial situation with the insurance company. They have one goal towards their stockholders, shareholders, mutual companies or whatever it happens to be to pay, and that is to pay you as little as possible.

What Is Comparative Fault? Does That Apply To An Accident In California?

Yes it does. It means that each person is responsible for their share of the negligence.

When Does The Term Pure Comparative Negligence Comes In?

California is a Pure Comparative Negligence state. That means that you can recover even if you are up to ninety-nine percent responsible. As long as your injuries were caused by somebody else, you can recover that percentage.

Would Someone Recover One Percent Of The Damages In That Case?

Yes, exactly. Some states have cut-offs at different percentages, which means after you exceed that amount of responsibility, you can no longer recover. However in California, you can recover all the way up to one percent.
What Are the Time Limits for Bringing a Personal Injury Claim Lawsuit in California When You are involved in a Car Accident?

A typical time period would be two years but there are exceptions including being a minor.

What Are The Typical Time Limits In Case Of Minors And Why Is That Extended?

If you are a minor, that would be two years from your eighteenth birthday. That is because they do not have the capacity to make a decision at the age.

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