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Helping You Achieve Financial Recovery after Traumatic Head Injuries

Brain damage is devastating, often forcing injured people and their families to make major changes to their lives. Confusion, frustration, and anger often accompany the struggle to recover from a brain injury. Those feelings are so much stronger when the injury was caused by recklessness or negligence.

At the San Diego law office of Slaughter & Slaughter, our experienced personal injury lawyers have achieved significant financial settlements for people who have suffered brain damage. While we can’t undo the trauma you and your family have suffered, we can help you build the best possible future with financial recovery in a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact an attorney at Slaughter & Slaughter. Get the compensation you deserve for pain, suffering, and disability after a severe brain injury or skull fracture caused by negligence. We handle any type of injury case, including:

Expert Help Proving Your Case

Head trauma can be deceptive. In some cases the brain damage is very obvious, leading to a coma, amnesia, or diminished mental functioning. In other cases, it’s subtle (but no less severe), with changes in personality, emotional outbursts, or a lack of emotion. An injury as common as a concussion can make life miserable, causing continuing headaches and blurred vision.

It’s important not to settle an injury claim too early, before the full extent of your injuries is known. As your personal injury attorney, we work to ensure you receive the full financial recovery you will need.

  • We work with medical and rehabilitation experts to understand your injury and disability.
  • We work with life care experts to understand the cost of ongoing medical care and any day-to-day assistance you may need.
  • Of course, we work with accident investigators to help us build a strong case for the insurance company or the court.

Allow us to help you achieve the financial compensation you need. Contact our San Diego injury attorney for a free initial consultation.

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