Helpful Things To Consider In A Dog Bite Claim

The biggest thing is, it is very common to have emotional distress after a dog attack. It just seems to have a different effect in any kind of accident that I see. People are emotional, very shook up by the fact that they were attacked by an animal. I have seen ears torn off and body parts separated. The attacks can be quite vicious. Children seem to be at face level with the dogs. It is a very horrible thing that happens. I have seen a lot of facial injuries in children. It is almost impossible to go anywhere, parks, beaches, playgrounds without seeing or encountering other dogs.

Is There A Typical Demographic For Dog Bite Victims?

I have represented postal carriers, FedEx; I have represented even Animal Control Officers. I have seen a little of everything and it is always the same, an irresponsible dog owner and they can inflict real heavy damages to anyone.

Are Pet Owners Allowed To Bring Their Pets Into Business Establishments In California?

Yes. It happens all the time in California, which leads into a different point. I see a lot of post-traumatic stress syndrome after a dog attack. It is not any easier, because everywhere you go in California; there seem to be dogs all over the place.

If There Was An Attack In A Store; Would The Store Owner Be Held Liable In Any Way?

There could be a number of people held responsible. Once again, if it was the dog owner, they could be held responsible. Under several laws, it could also just be that person who was dog sitting or the handler of the dog, they could be held responsible. Landlords both commercial and residential under the right set of circumstances can be held responsible as well.

Additional Information Regarding Dog Bite Lawsuits In California

Just the idea that we have a tremendous amount of experience handling these and that is the main thing. You need somebody who has handled the multitude of different types of injuries that dog attacks have produced. The last thing I would say is that I have handled several different types of liability situations. I have handled cases against landlords, against handlers, I have handled cases against the owners, so you need to hire someone with that level of experience, who has done enough cases to see every way you can do these.

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