Other Questions Asked In Auto Accident Cases

How important is Evidence and Witnesses in Auto Accident Cases?

Evidence and witnesses can become very important if liability is at an issue. You will not know until you get started in the case, so it is very important to conduct an investigation and interview witnesses.

How Long Do Personal Injury Auto Accident Cases Typically Take To Be Resolved?

All cases are different so there is no typical case. Every case will take its own path and the different amount of time; it just depends on the case.

What Elements of a Collision Case Make for a Viable Case and Help Obtain a Good Settlement Versus One That is Not Going to Go Too Far?

You need three things for a viable case. First of all, you need liability that means someone else was at fault. Secondly, you need to have any injury because if you do not have any damages, then there is nothing to pay. Thirdly, you need a source of recovery. You need an insurance company, a business, you need a person, someone who is capable of paying you. So you need liability, injury and source of recovery.

Do You Still Need An Attorney When It Was Clearly Not Your Fault? Can You Just Work With the Insurance Company and Handle Everything Yourself?

You can, but you are working with a group of professional advocates that are trained to pay you less money for your injuries. Insurance companies have their own goals to achieve. Every time you speak, you are making a party statement, which are your statements are admissible. It is just not a great thing to do to represent yourself in an auto accident.

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