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Spinal Cord Injuries

San Diego Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are very serious and catastrophic injuries, often resulting from devastating motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, diving injuries or injuries sustained as a bicyclist or pedestrian.

At the San Diego law office of Slaughter & Slaughter, our San Diego spinal cord injury attorneys are dedicated to helping people throughout Southern California recover from spinal cord injuries. While we can’t turn back the clock and undo the harm you have suffered, we can be strong advocates for your recovery. From the life altering physical effects of a spinal cord injury to the emotional distress and financial worry that such a severe injury can cause, our goal is to help you get your life back on track.

Our San Diego spinal cord injury attorney can help you pursue a lawsuit aimed at recovering compensation due to disc injury, back injury or spine injury, including:

  • Disk herniation
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Total or partial paralysis
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Cervical nerve compression
  • Fractured vertebrae and burst fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • Nerve impingement or nerve compression
  • Complications from back surgery
  • Injuries resulting in wrongful death

You Deserve Compensation for Ongoing Medical Treatment

A disk injury may demand extensive surgery and ongoing medical treatment, possibly requiring you to have a laminectomy for disk repair, a diskectomy to remove a portion of the herniated disk, or a fusion of your vertebrae. Nerve compression is equally serious, and often causes radiculopathy, or symptoms of radiating pain.

A compressed or impinged nerve can also cause you to lose use of your limbs, loss of your ability to breathe without a respirator, loss of bladder or bowel control, sexual functioning, and partial or total paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are very serious, causing pain and suffering, and requiring ongoing medical treatment for years to come. From a legal standpoint, our experienced trial attorneys have helped countless deserving clients get the compensation they need to cope with this form of serious personal injury, including compensation for medical expenses, past and future wages, loss of services, pain and suffering, and more.

With our understanding San Diego spinal cord injury attorneys on your side, you and your family will have an effective, caring advocate seeking compensation for your condition. We encourage you not to struggle through this alone – you can rely on our experience, compassion, and knowledge of the law to help you in every way.

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