What Types Of Damages Are Generally Awarded In Slip And Falls?

It is mainly like all other personal injuries. You can receive general damages, which are pain and suffering and maybe for mental anguish. You can get special damages, lost wages, medical bills and in a rare circumstance, you could get punitive damages if the situation was right.

Important Strategies Utilized In Slip and Fall Claims

It is very important to investigate these instances. Oftentimes, I will bring an engineer on the scene and we will do a light study, he does a slip coefficient study, a site inspection, so you have got to start developing your evidence. You take depositions of the people who are responsible for the area, so you engage in a lot of investigation and intensive discovery.

Do You Represent Insurance Companies?

We do not. We only represent individuals, or plaintiffs.

Do Slip and Fall Claims Generally Settle or Go To Trial?

There are two types of these cases. One is that you are able to prove the element of liability and if you are able to do that, then your chances are very high of settling the claim. If you are unable to prove anything about it, the chances are they are going to trial, then this becomes so much greater because they are not going to pay you a settlement fee.

How Long Do These Claims Typically Take To Get Resolved?

It is a lot like what is the price of a car. It varies so greatly; all cases are different.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Slip And Fall Cases?

First of all, our experience is outstanding. We have handled very large slip and fall cases for many years. We have had national write-ups for cases we have defended. It is the combined experience level in our practice. We have done a lot of high valued personal injury cases where there were broken bones, brain damage, you name it and we have handled them with the utmost care and experience.
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