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San Diego Fatal Car Accident Lawyer & Wrongful Death Attorney

Our San Diego attorneys understand that if a loved one has suffered an untimely death in a fatal accident at the hands of another, it is an ongoing and unfair tragedy for your entire family.

At the San Diego law office of Slaughter & Slaughter, our San Diego fatal car accident lawyers recognize the painful emotional distress you experience when dealing with the death of a close family member, and we can help ease your burden. Our wrongful death attorneys and San Diego fatal car accident lawyers understand that while compensation can never replace your lost loved one, it can bring you closure and help you pick up the pieces to move forward with your life.

Many accidental deaths and fatalities are caused by:

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for the Loss of Your Loved One

You don’t have to suffer from this devastating fatal accident alone. Our experienced San Diego wrongful death lawyers stand ready to assist you and your family in your pursuit of fair and just compensation, including payment for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering of your loved one prior to death
  • Loss of financial support to the surviving spouse or child for rent and housing, transportation costs, educational expenses, health care and other expenses a loved one would have provided, based on their expected future earnings
  • Loss of services for the everyday contribution of your loved. This includes such things as cleaning, cooking, advice, training, and other contributions they would have made to taking care of your home and family
  • Loss of society, comfort, care and companionship of your loved one, including for lost affection, moral support and guidance, sexual enjoyment, and other services for a surviving spouse
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Other compensation

Come to us for legal counsel in this time of crisis and tragedy. We are extremely sensitive to what you are going through and can provide you with experienced guidance dedicated to helping you recover.

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